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Our team of entertainment experts brings extensive and comprehensive expertise to the table. With over 15 years of combined experience, our team can help you with any type of event, from the fabrication to the execution, Mapache Entertainment provides a premier entertainment experience. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help make your event dreams come true!

Francarlo “Cali” Valencia

Executive Producer, Partner

Cali brings a variety of expertise to the Mapache Entertainment team from his previous endeavors, like running Valco Designs. He has worked on projects that have received national recognition for stage design and lighting, equipping him with the knowledge needed to help clients create the designs of their dreams from start to finish.

Warren Monnich

Director of Operations, Partner

With over 9 years of event management and touring experience, Warren leads the Mapache Entertainment operations team in helping clients with event execution. He has worked on global tours for some of the largest names in the industry, giving him the experience needed to produce your dream event of any size.

Maximiliano Valencia

Lead Designer/Fabricator

Maximiliano brings 25+ years of experience in stage design and event production. Having worked with some of the top corporations in the world and created award-winning designs, Maximiliano helps Mapache Entertainment produce quality events time and time again.

Cody Mason

lead project Manager

As an Austin-native with a deep understanding of the city’s music scene and 8 years of experience in the industry, Cody has the expertise needed to help produce any events of any scale. From audio engineering to stage and tour management, Cody helps ensure the production of your event goes smoothly.

alex duck

production manager

With a decade of immersion in the music industry, Alex has traversed every facet, from venue ownership and management to touring production and audio engineering. His dynamic roles as a session and touring drummer for national acts have solidified his understanding of performance intricacies. Alex's expertise extends to festival operations, stage management, and comprehensive production planning, complemented by his proficiency in team development and training.

Emiliano Jemal

production assistant

With several years of experience in the event industry, Emiliano has worked with national clients such as the Dallas Cowboys, Bud Light, and many more. He helps equip our Mapache Entertainment team with the experience needed to produce the highest-quality events.

Kyle benson

Warehouse Manager

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